Gate8 Workshop 2021


Gate 8 Workshop is a seminar for actors, circus artists, semi professional or professional dancers.

Each year there will be two choreographers of international companies with whom the participants can work closely for five days of work/study.

During the third edition of Gate 8 Workshop the selected dancers will have the opportunity to have for five days a contemporary dance class with both Judith Sanchez and Roberto Olivan and to work on a creation process with one of the two international coreographers.

The last day the students will have the opportunity to go on stage and share the work done through these five-day.

At the end of the performances the two choreographers will choose two people
who will be awarded a prize of
1000€ each to help the student in their artistic journey.

Through this experience we want to give students the opportunity to be themselves to get involved and feel comfortable, creating a serene and stimulating working environment.
G8W is research and experimentation for the choreographers involved but especially for the participants, creating connection, cultural exchange and working on the authenticity of the dancer.

➡️Where: Chiavari, (GE) italy.

➡️When: 2 – 6 of January 2021

Choreographers: Judith Sánchez Ruíz JSR Company and ROPA / Roberto Olivan Performing Arts

➡️Deadline for applications: 15/11/2020

–How to apply / Selection process– :
Participants may not be younger than 17 years old.
Send an email with your CV, video link YouTube or Vimeo and the name of the choreographer you would like to work with to

➡️For more information and details write to: